Does chelsea need a new striker?



Chelsea are deperately in need of a new stiker as anelka and drogba , both are not performing and are out of form. chelsea should splash in the cash at the end of the season and get a decent striker capable of perfroming and would be consistent enough. There is a risk of injuries as either one of the main strikers might get injured , and that would seriously put chelsea in trouble leaving them without quality strikers.

Micheal owen seems to be the right choice , deteemined to leave newcastle , owen might actually fit in chelsea , their comfortable style of play suits him.

We will have to wait and see till the end of the season wheter or not hddink may require a top striker or not , or maybe he can make use of the present line of forwards at his disposal. A new striker will certainly boost chelsea and will lift up their cinfidence.



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5 responses to “Does chelsea need a new striker?

  1. Owen is right choice, and I think Chelsea needs young one, who will be an icon of Chelsea in the future 😉

  2. shayanniazi

    Owen would definately be a great choice … it all depends on him now whether he wants to join chelsea or some other club … but this is for sure that he is determined to leave newcastle … Hiddink would certainly love to have him in place of the out of form drogba.

  3. The Totton linnet

    Hi Shay, Thought I’d visit after giving you a little tease in forums, It’s a nice bloggy, smartly presented and you’ve got a nice way of engaging people’s opinion so I wish you success. I’m not up to date with m footie, I only ever followed Saints and what a mess they are now. But if Chelsea need a new striker Michael Owen? has he ever been happy at a club? as for having Hiddink for manager even if it’s only to the end of the season, I think it’s just Abramovich stuffing a few wads of money in an old buddy’s pocket, totally cynical. I hope they manage 2nd in the ship but I think 4th. and a total makeover in the summer. Take care. 🙂

  4. shayanniazi

    Yeah … abramovic never thinks before making decisions … scolari should have been given till the end of the season …
    anyway as for owen i hope he comes to chelsea .. and strikes for them ….. chelsea cant go to the 2nd position but they can still finsish 3rd after they beat aston villa.. that would decide it all ..

  5. shayanniazi

    tell any other soccer fans about this site so they can come here regularly and read the latest chelsea fc news … and comment on different posts .. thanks 🙂

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