Guus hiddink is the wrong choice for chelsea

Chelsea FC just hired their new head coach in Guus Hiddink according to the team’s website this morning and this choice baffles my mind. But, then again, a lot of things that have happened at Chelsea have baffled my mind. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich moved quickly to hire personal friend Hiddink to take over the squad until the end of the season and he still gets to remain as coach of the Russian national coach.

How can a coach dedicate his time to an elite club in the English Premier League while he has to get his team ready for World Cup qualifiers? This isn’t like he’s just being an advisor to Chelsea and offering advice during training while he has free time with the Russian national team; instead he will work fulltime with both squads.

I took a quick glance at the Chelsea schedule and the Russian national team upcoming World Cup qualifiers and they both have games in March and April in which Hiddink would be traveling from March 21st with Chelsea and then he would need to coach Russia in a qualifier on the 28th. He’s back at it again with another qualifier game on April 1st and then he needs to regroup his team at Chelsea for a Premier League game against Newcastle.

This to me seems like the estranged father trying to balance two families to keep things in order even though they live thousands of miles apart. How can Abramovich seriously think this is a good decision for Chelsea? The team is fighting for an all important fourth spot in the Premier League and he will have a coach that has his mind on trying to balance two teams and trying to help them win games. I just can’t see how it can be done.

Perhaps I’m blowing this way out of proportion, but if Chelsea was concerned with finishing strong they would have selected a coach that would put the team first 100% of the time and not have to worry about coaching other teams. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, and I’m sure we’ll hear some of the players talking about how excited they are to get a quality coach in to help them finish out the season. But, wait, didn’t they have a quality coach in Scolari? It begs the question if Scolari really was given a fair shot at Chelsea to begin with.


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